beanies for babies nz

Baby Beanie

$32 NZD
Natural merino baby starter set - singlet vest, beanie, mittens, socks and loafers
On sale

Merino Baby Clothes Starter Set

$130 NZD $147.70 NZD
Cardigan & beanie gift set - OHBaby! Winter
On sale

Cardigan & Beanie Gift Set

$95.40 NZD $108 NZD
knitted merino baby mittens NZ made


$26 NZD
baby wearing natural merino chunky knit baby hat

Chunky Knit Hat

From $44 NZD
baby wearing Natural merino wool Knitted Baby Bonnet nz


$39 NZD
Collection of baby cardigans NZ


$74 NZD
Set of baby hoodies showing colour range


From $79.95 NZD
baby wearing natural merino singlet vest and socks
On sale

Singlet Vest & Socks Gift Set

$50 NZD $59.70 NZD
knitted baby jackets on hangers

Brunch Jacket

From $78.50 NZD
Classic merino baby pants on hangers showing colour range
On sale

Classic Baby Pants

$59 NZD $65 NZD
Colour range of slouchy sweaters

Slouchy Sweater

$74.50 NZD
chocolate baby dungarees wth a natural slouchy sweater


$74 NZD
girl wearing mushroom chocolate stripe roll neck vest

Roll Neck Vest

$74.50 NZD
set of knitted baby headbands NZ made


$32 NZD
stack of baby hooded vests

Hooded Vest

$74 NZD
baby rompers on hangers showing colour range


$69 NZD
baby wearing natural mushroom stripe Merino Baby Beret NZ Made


$34.50 NZD

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