Baby Sleep Bag & Beanie
Baby Sleep Bag & Beanie
Baby Sleep Bag & Beanie
Baby Sleep Bag & Beanie
Baby Sleep Bag & Beanie
Baby Sleep Bag & Beanie
Baby Sleep Bag & Beanie
Baby Sleep Bag & Beanie

Baby Sleep Bag & Beanie

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Beautifully made Sleep Bag with a Merino Beanie

Sleep Bag is Uniquely hand crafted - woven sleep bag to ensure your baby has a perfect night’s sleep.
Made from natural 'Stansborough Grey' solid brushed wool fabric with a 100% cotton lining, this sleep bag features a full length zip for easy nappy changes.
Adjustable armhole domes for the newborns which can be undone as baby grows

Snuggle your baby up in this sumptuous sleep bag and hat that warms both heart & soul. 

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NZ made and gift boxed for the perfect overseas gift
Sleep Bag Size: 0-9 months

Length: 650    Chest: 340    Bottom width: 380 mm

Made exclusively for Weebits by Stansborough.

The 'Stansborough Grey' sheep are a unique registered breed in their own right and the only flock of it's kind in the world. They are humanely cared for in some of the most picturesque surroundings, with access to good water and shelter. It took 12 years to create the special wool breed of what is now a unique flock of 1000 animals based in the Wairarapa.

The fleeces are sorted into three shades of grey as they are shorn and classed before being spun into yarns of the highest quality for weaving.

The wool of the sheep comes in dark grey, mid grey and silver grey, and within these pre-selected tones there is a whole greyscale spectrum which creates the marvellous, almost metallic sheen. The yarn is better spun as fine worsted, and then it is combed to enhance the lustre. 

The products are created individually by craftsmen using traditional methods. The looms at the mill weave their own strands of history. They date from the early 1890’s, and are the only six in commercial operation in the world. They are amongst the first mechanical looms ever designed. They add rather than detract from the general impression of intense individual involvement in production, as each loom can take up to two days to hand thread before weaving. 

Years were spent in the development of the undulating twill-derived weave, and the resulting fabric has a unique handmade and natural feel, quite different to other mass-produced commercial products.

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