Natural baby leggingsBaby wearing oatmeal leggings

Baby Leggings

From $62 NZD
Natural knitted baby dressMint knitted baby dress

Knitted Baby Dress

From $65 NZD
knitted mint baby pantsbaby wearing oatmeal knitted pants

Knitted Baby Pants

From $65 NZD
Natural baby slippersBaby slippers mustard colour

Baby Slippers

From $38 NZD
Baby Beret in mushroom and natural stripeNatural and mushroom natural stripe beret on window ledge

Baby Beret

From $38.50 NZD
Chocolate baby jumpersStriped baby pullovers on hangers

Baby Jumpers

From $84 NZD
Natural knitted baby headbandsMustard baby headbands

Baby Headbands

From $36.50 NZD
Baby wearing oatmeal beanieNatural baby beanie and vest on table

Baby Beanies

$38.50 NZD
Newborn in merino baby socksStack of coloured merino baby socks

Baby Socks

$19.75 NZD
Mint brunch jacketnatural brunch jacket

Brunch Jacket

From $78.50 NZD
Pink baby hooded vestMushroom baby hooded vest

Baby Hooded Vest

From $77 NZD
V-Neck VestV-Neck Vest stack in mushroom and oatmeal colour

V-Neck Vest

From $79.90 NZD
Brown baby clothing essentials setoatmeal baby clothing essentials gift set
On sale

Baby Clothing Essentials Set

$88 NZD $98.20 NZD
Natural baby pompom hatMint baby pompom hat

Baby Pompom Hat

From $38.50 NZD
Mint cardigan and dribble bib setMushroom cardigan and dribble bib set
On sale

Cardigan & Dribble Bib Set

$85 NZD $93.30 NZD
Powder blue baby capesMushroom baby capes

Baby Capes

From $115 NZD
Baby cardigan beanie set oatmealnatural baby cardigan and beanie set
On sale

Baby Cardigan and Beanie Set

$98.50 NZD $116 NZD
Natural baby bibsMint baby bibs NZ made

Baby Bibs

$18.50 NZD
baby over nappy pants in pink and blueInfant in natural over nappy pants

Over Nappy Pants

From $52 NZD
Mushroom baby bonnetNatural baby bonnet

Baby Bonnet

$42 NZD
wool baby beanie Noahcolour range multicolour beanies

Multicolour Beanies

From $39.95 NZD
Natural pompom hat and scarf setChocolate pompom hat and scarf set
On sale

Pompom Hat and Scarf Set

$49.95 NZD $66.50 NZD